Hive notes – Late Summer edition



Hi there!

Well it's already September and Summer 2017 has moved right along. All of us here at the Hive have been busy this Summer- taking classes, working on freelance, some even being involved with Surtex and Blueprint.

It’s good to be busy and we are grateful but it nice to have some down time- that’s when we get a chance to take a breather and do personal work – it feeds our portfolios and our creative spirits!

Art is such a personal thing – and we artists are like sponges- we soak up everything we see and hear. It’s like a recipe- a little bit of this and a touch of that and soon, an idea is born and you can’t wait to get it down on paper or a digital canvas! It all starts with a spark, a germ of an idea, but where to find it…….

So, we posed the question: Where do you find your inspiration?


Terri said she finds her inspiration in Podcasts, Random everyday things, and Fine Art.


Melissa gets her next great ideas from the Cinema, people watching in her neighborhood and going to museums.



Jan looks to Folklore, Vintage Textiles and Local Flora and Fauna to get her creative juices flowing.



Casey finds her muse in her garden, walks around the city people watching and other artists.



Diane dives in by people watching, looking at all forms of art and being in nature.


And Lynn loves to check out Kids and Art books, vintage Disney animations and all kinds of flowers to inspire her next piece.




Inspiration is everywhere-from the local coffee shop to the local Gift shop, from the beach to the mountains- everywhere you look, something is waiting there for you, waiting to INSPIRE your next creation- all you have to do is to look intentionally around and get those juices flowing -Where will you find yours?